The Storytelling Company

'The OpenStoryTellers' are an award-winning,

co-managed company of storytellers who have learning disabilities and autism

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Peter the Wild Boy


 23rd SEPT 2021, 12pm - 3pm 

We are proud to launch our Peter the Wild Boy film on Thursday 23rd September 2021 at our Thalis for Tales event at Station Approach in Frome. 

Meet the cast in their costumes, see film clips, eat a delicious Lungi Babas lunch and tell us - What Is Your Wild? 


Peter the Wild Boy is a true story that is even more relevant today during the pandemic. Our cast are no strangers to the risks of a society that hasn’t yet learned to adapt. 

This 18th Century man with learning disabilities forged an incredible journey: from the forests of Hamelin to the palaces of the Royal Court; from farmhand to prisoner; from feral child to respected elder.

About Us

We campaign to have our voices heard in society. We want people to change the way they think about people like us. We ask the audience questions and make them think. We want to show people that even though we have special needs, we are the same as those who don't.

We have performed at venues and festivals including Bristol's Tobacco Factory; The Merlin Theatre, Frome; Little Theatre, Wells; Shropshire's Festival at the Edge; and Diverse City, Bristol. We run workshops in schools, homes and community centres. We tell from legend, history and personal experience.


Our history and stories are hidden: we want our voices to be heard.

We want to be the best storytellers in the world.

We want to lift our performance up onto a cloud!

The Fortunes and Misfortunes of Fanny Fust

It is Bristol in the year 1787; Fanny is an heiress with severe learning disabilities. Her story is complex and compelling and addresses issues of capacity and consent which are still highly relevant today.


Who can she trust? You must decide!

The OpenStoryTellers tell Fanny's story through drama, dance and song. 

"Awesome, best show this year!"

"Very moving and thought provoking"

"Truly wondrous!"

Audience feedback, Frome Festival 2018


the Wild Boy

This is the incredible true tale of an 18th Century gentleman who had learning disabilities.

Found in the woods - they called him feral; transported by King George to Kensington Palace - they tried to shape him into society; a figure of curiosity and wonder for academics.


They asked the question:

“Does He have a Soul?”

The OpenStoryTellers bring to audiences their own unique blend of bardic tradition and living theatre.

Through Peter The Wild Boy! look with them behind the myth to meet the man and consider the question:


“What is Your Wild?”

More Stories

The Storytelling Company have a large repetoire of stories that they have performed at festivals and events over the years. Their stories challenge perceptions of disability and make people think.

The company host an annual Bardic Chair storytelling event in Frome. 


Their stories include:


The Man Who Learnt to Shiver

Silly Jack

The Secret of the Ring

The Anansie Series