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Words Can Change the World

This month at OpenStoryTellers, we are joining in the national celebrations for the Platinum Jubilee with an incredibly exciting project, thanks to the National Lottery Community Fund.

Working with poets Liv Torc and Chris Redmond we are developing performance poetry films to be shown later on in June - Jubilee month!

Central to the project is the theme of belonging – to ourselves and to the land.

We spent the day with the inspiring and passionate tree lorist, Julian Hight. Julian is currently working with The Crown Estate, producing a book – to be presented to the Queen and released to the public later this year – on the subject of Windsor’s historic treescape and ancient trees.

At OpenStoryTellers, we see connections between how people hold a spirit of belonging, with the celebrations that are taking place to honour Her Royal Majesty, Queen Elizabeth the Second.

We belong here – on the land, supported in sovereignty. Our heritage and that of Great Britain are intertwined.

Our roots grow deep and wide into the soil of this nation.

Watch this space for our upcoming poetry films!

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