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Walk It Like You Talk It!

"If you’re running a company in the UK today and not employing people with learning disabilities and autism, get your act together. You’re missing out on employing people who are hard workers and great colleagues; employees who will make a positive difference to your company.”

Steve Scown, Dimensions CEO

We couldn't agree more! That's why we are committed to making more job opportunities for the people we support. And we have now signed up to Walk It Like You Talk It, an initiative created by My Life My Choice which calls on organisations to employ more people with learning disabilities.

Their aim is that 2.3% of an organisations' employees should have learning disabilities, this would be level with the general population. But to help people get off to a good start, they have created a campaign to help people commit to 1%.

We currently have 2 permanent staff members who have a learning disability and a team of freelancers with learning disabilities who we commission for various projects. We also have a vacancy for our Apprentice Hub Host role for someone with a learning disability.

We want to challenge the ongoing issue that only 6% of people with a learning disability are in paid employment, and where better to start than by creating opportunities right here.

Could your organisation sign up to the pledge too? Take a look here -

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