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Trek2Taffy - OpenStoryTellers walk 400 miles this August!

Members, staff and volunteers alike will all be getting their walking shoes on this August to take part in OpenStoryTellers’ new summer fundraiser Trek2Taffy.

Taffy Thomas - the well-known Storyteller, and very first Storytelling Laureate - is our Patron, and he lives in Cumbria.

Trek2Taffy will see many of our team working together to walk the 400 miles from ‘Cornwall to Cumbria’ during the month of August.

We will be doing lots of treks in Frome and our local areas, to complete the 400 mile route.

Our team of Storytellers will be telling stories from landmarks en route to Cumbria, to keep you entertained along the way! You will be able to hear these on our Facebook page –

Taffy Thomas himself will also tell a story, when we reach our 400 mile target.

Trek2Taffy will raise much-needed funds for our charity that supports around 50 people with learning disabilities, autism and complex needs each year, to find their voice and use it.

We would be delighted if you'd like to support us on our way and donate here

People who kindly donate £25 or more will receive a handmade thank you postcard from our 'trip', crafted by our members! *You will need to provide your address to receive the postcard :)

Thanks for your support!

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