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This Is Me - by Pigeon Productions

Our Pigeon Productions social enterprise makes information easy to understand. The enterprise creates paid employment opportunities for our members based on their skills in illustration, writing, animation, story-sharing, poetry and more and takes various commissions throughout the year.

The team have been busy this year working on a series of short films that explore our members' life stories. The project was supported by Somerset County Council.

We are so happy to be able to share them with you - and the world - now they have all been released!

The 'This is Me' series celebrates the lives of four of our members who have a learning disability and live in Somerset. These stories are positive, moving and inspirational. They look into the challenges of life alongside personal achievements. Each story is different and comes with a powerful message about equality and diversity. These films combine interviews with animation and are told in the individuals' own words.

The fifth film is 'The Making Of' the four life stories. It is a documentary style film which follows how the films were made. It shows, who took part, behind the scenes footage, the creative process and feedback from friends and colleagues. This film clearly demonstrates the positive impact this project has had on those who have been involved, particularly with regards to team work and collaboration, developing film making and music production skills, employment opportunities, and a creative platform to be heard and valued.

We sincerely hope you enjoy these unique, personal and insightful stories, told, illustrated and animated by our members themselves.

In case you missed our Instagram Live events where we interviewed the Pigeon Productions team and special guests, you can still catch them on our Instagram grid. We coincided the launch of our films for Disability History Month as these fascinating films are a celebration of people's personal histories.

You can watch them all over on our Pigeon Productions page here

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