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Thank you to our longest supporting volunteer!

Lesley is a local storyteller and has been volunteering with us for over five years now. We are so grateful for the ongoing support, stories, creative insight and calm presence that she brings to OpenStoryTellers. Thank you so much Lesley!

We thought what better time to interview Lesley than National Volunteers Week! So, she caught up with Clemma, a member and Peer Advocate at OST for a chat...

Clemma: What do you like best about volunteering at OST?

Lesley: The 2 main things I like are the lovely group of people I work with, members and staff. I get to do a wide variety of things - helping people tell stories, gardening, drawing, job applications and even making furniture! And so many other things. It's a nice and varied job.

Clemma: Do you have any favourite OST memories?

Lesley: I was supporting Fiona to tell a story called "The Friendship Garden' at the opening of our own garden. There's a bird in the story and the character says "then he saw a bird..." just then Fiona pointed and a real bird landed at our feet!

I have also enjoyed all the outdoor things we have done, like Peter the Wild Boy and walking in the woods.

Clemma: Why do you think it's important to share stories?

Lesley: It's one of the most important things that human beings can do. It's important that we can tell our own stories. And stories from our ancestors - they survive because they are good stories and they are saying something to us.

Clemma: What's your favourite story?

Lesley: My favourite story is Stone Soup.

Clemma: How would you describe OpenStoryTellers in three words?

Lesley: OST is...




Thank you Lesley for all you do for us, and here's to all of the volunteers who give their time and make such a huge difference to charities near and far!

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