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Support us through your Co-op Membership

Did you know that you can support OpenStoryTellers every time you shop at the Co-op with your membership card?

We are raising funds for a gardening project here at OST - we aim to support people with learning disabilities to grow fruit and vegetables in our sensory garden. Our members are keen to learn more about the process of food production for health and wellbeing.

We hope that our little garden will soon be brimming with pots of tomatoes, carrots, lettuce, berries and more herbs than ever before!

To help us make our horticultural hopes a reality, please do use your Co-op membership card each time you shop in the Co-op, and then choose OpenStoryTellers online via your membership page, to make sure that your donation comes through to us!

Thanks so much and we will keep you posted with our veggies' progress :)

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