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Peter the Wild Boy tickets are live!

In spite of it all, our Storytelling Company have been rehearsing their socks off this past few months on their Arts Council England funded project, and we couldn't be happier to let you know that tickets to their first screenings of Peter the Wild Boy are now available, in association with Dorchester Arts!

Peter the Wild Boy is a true story that is even more relevant today during and recovering from the pandemic. Our cast are no strangers to the risks of a society that hasn’t yet learned to adapt. The story of Peter the Wild Boy is enhanced by the lived experiences of the tellers themselves.

This 18th Century man with learning disabilities forged an incredible journey: from the forests of Hamelin to the palaces of the Royal Court; from farmhand to prisoner; from feral child to respected elder.

Join us online on Monday 24th May, and discover for yourself - what stories live in the wild within?


Get your tickets here today! Showings at 2pm and 7pm on Monday 24th May.

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