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Learning Disability England Annual Conference

We were sooo delighted to be invited to talk at this year's LDE conference! The theme was 'How stories make us stronger' - a perfect topic for us. We - Tim, Charlotte, Robin, Simon and Jade joined LDE in Zoom Land and had a huge and very lovely audience of over 100 people.

Tim, Charlotte and Robin showed videos and presentations of their own stories (Charlotte - her Bardic Chair winning Cracked Pot, Robin - his 'Lockdown Stories' animation and Tim - his life story) and the audience gave so much amazing feedback. It was really lovely to talk to so many people about what stories mean to them - everybody knows and tells stories every day in one way or another.

Here are some of the things that people said:

"Very powerful, empowering and eye opening"

"Stories can be a form of escape"

"The Cracked Pot is a wonderful story - I love it how the cracked pot still has an important use"

"People watch this and it opens up our minds"

"This is brilliant, Robin's video is like medicine to me!"

"Really important social history, thank you"

"This is the best session so far!"

Wow! Thanks so much everyone. It was so wonderful to be part of the conversation this year with #LDEgettingstronger

At the end Charlotte said:

"I feel happy seeing different people I've never met before - and I told them all my story".
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