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Job Vacancy for someone with a learning disability or autism

Updated: May 4, 2022

Here at OpenStoryTellers we are committed to creating jobs for the learning disability community.

We have teamed up with Mencap to make a new Apprenticeship job here at OpenStoryTellers!

Do you have a learning disability, learning difficulty and/or autism?

Do you want to be an apprentice?

Do you want to get good training to develop your skills while you work and get paid?

Do you want to improve your skills in English and maths?

Apprentice Hub Host is a 2 day a week job at OpenStoryTellers and you will study 1 day a week for a Customer Service Practitioner Course. The role will be 3 days a week in total.

You will get support from a Mencap Job Coach.

You will get paid to be an Apprentice Hub Host.

In the role, you will:

* welcome people to the OpenStoryTellers hub

* answer the phone and take messages

* help the group leaders to set up for the day and clear away afterwards

* help to make sure OpenStoryTellers has everything it needs like refreshments and cleaning products

* manage the post and the OST diary

* keep noticeboards up to date

* help with our social media and emails

* help keep the hub clean and tidy

* and lots more!

To find out more about the apprenticeship role, you can download our information pack below.

You can also email Jade Ogden on or Simon Blakeman on or call 01373 454099

The information pack below has our application form. Please fill this out if you would like to apply.

You can also send us a picture, a poem, a story or something creative which shows us why would would like the job (this is optional!)

Apprentice Hub Host ER
Download PDF • 1.13MB

What is an apprenticeship
Download PDF • 328KB

What is the Customer Service Practitioner Course
Download PDF • 415KB

Edited Customer service practitioner - full text
Download PDF • 2.33MB

Apprenticeship Application Form
Download PDF • 115KB

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