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OpenStoryTellers' Strategic Objectives
2020 - 2022

Our mission is for every person to find their voice and for that voice to have a place to be heard.


Our vision is to help learning disabled and autistic people to find their voice and use it because stories make us human.

How we will do this:



  • Develop our earned income: We need to increase the amount of predictable, reliable funding we receive on a monthly basis through increasing the capacity of our day service and starting up our Making It Clear easy read accessibility service.

  • Grow our grant funding: We have a successful track record which we need to build on to secure our artistic future. We will grow our relationships with key funders who share an interest in our future.

  • Increase charitable donations: Maximise opportunities for people to give on a regular and one-off basis.


  • Create and effective organisational structure: We will embed organisational and artistic strategic roles to give direction and provide stability to the delivery team.

  • Elevate learning disabled and autistic voices in our decision-making process: We will increase opportunities and build infrastructure to support learning disabled and autistic people to influence both strategic and day to day decisions.

  • Develop our team: We will build on the transition from freelance to team player to create coherence of vison, a shared sense of purpose and an agreed way of working.

Social Impact:

  • Maintain a reliable core service: The reliability of our day to day offer really matters to the people who come to OST. It is the bedrock upon which our exciting artistic endeavours rest. We want to ensure that a core service is available beyond grants and project funding.

  • Nurture and promote learning disabled and autistic stories: We will help people create stories that support celebration of neurodiversity and inclusion. We will work with learning disabled and autistic people to help them use stories to campaign about what matters to them.

  • Develop a range of paid work opportunities for people with a learning disability: We will become a beacon of good practice for the employment of people with a learning disability by offering freelance and contract opportunities and building support for these roles into our infrastructure.

Artistic future:

  • Establish ourselves as digital performers: Innovate new ways of performing that blend live performance with recordings and live stream performances in as pay to view events

  • Develop our unique artistic identity: Build on the work already started to create a strong visual identity that supports all our performances and becomes characteristic of us as artists.

  • Share important stories: Identifying and sharing the stories that matter to learning disabled and autistic people in a range of creative ways.

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